Childrens Costume in America, 1607-1910 Estelle Ansley Worrell КУЛЬТУРА и ИСКУССТВО


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КУЛЬТУРА и ИСКУССТВО Childrens Costume in America, 1607-1910 Estelle Ansley Worrell. Each drawing has a descriptive paragraph -sometimes longer. While there is no index and no patterns in this work it does give a good overview of childrens wear that is not often included in other books. Also useful is the inclusion of drawings of period infant furniture & childrens playthings and accessories. The figures depict different ages from infants & toddlers to young teens, boys and girls. It would be very useful for theatre costumers and families into period reenactment or hobby costuming. This book contains 316 line drawings of childrens wear arranged in groupings showing different periods and thematic groupings within periods such as Sunday best, play/sport, outer wear, everyday/work clothes. A center color section repeats a representative selection of the line drawings in full color.

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