ACS Photonics №1-12 2014


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ACS Photonics №1-12 2014 НАУЧНО-ПОПУЛЯРНЫЕ. Published as soon as accepted and summarized in monthly issues, ACS Photonics will publish Research Articles, Letters, Perspectives, and Reviews, to encompass the full scope of published research in this field. Among the areas the journal will cover are:Molecular and nano-photonicsSolid state inorganic materials for optoelectronicsPolymer and organic optoelectronic materialsPlasmonics and optical metamaterialsPhotonic crystalsMesoscale photonics and optoelectronicsNonlinear optics and materialsQuantum optics and single-photon processesFlexible electronics and displaysSilicon photonicsOptical switching, memory, and data storageLasers, quantum electronics, and optical amplifiersLEDs and solid-state lightingPhotonics for energy materialsBiophotonicsMicro- and nano-optoelectromechanical systemsModeling and simulation of photonic processes .

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