Royal Air Force Flying Review №7 1957


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Royal Air Force Flying Review №7 1957 ВОЕННЫЕ. First issue published in 1944 under the title Royal Air Force Review, but renamed Royal Air Force Flying Review by the early 1950s. Content at this time was a mixture of ripping yarns true flying stories and serious features on World War Two and contemporary aircraft types. It was renamed Flying Review International in September 1963. This attempt at a Janes Monthly was obviously not a success, as the magazine ceased publishing with the September 1970 issue. Through the 1950s it evolved into a serious enthusiasts magazine, with detailed type profiles, surveys of foreign air forces and assessments of the latest Soviet aircraft. With its large b+w and colour photos, cutaway drawings and colour profile drawings it became the premier aviation magazine in the UK.Unfortunately, in September 1968 it was redesigned to a larger size and now included monthly updates to the authoritative annual publication Janes All The Worlds Aircraft, together with regular features on the aircraft industry, (simulators, avionics, components etc).

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